Fear as Three Are Kidnapped In Mombasa, One Found Dead


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A family in Ngombeni, Kwale County is crying for justice after three members of their family were reportedly abducted.

According to reports, one of them was found in a morgue days later. The worrying thing is that the body was found to have been shot several times.

Sources say that the three were abducted at night by unknown people. Wife of one of the abducted said that about five unknown people came to their home on that night and claimed to be security officers.

According to her, they had face masks and weapons. They then went ahead and blindfolded them. They then said that they were leaving with the husband for Nairobi and warned the wife not to tell anyone about the ordeal if she wanted her husband back alive. Afterwards they took her husband then left with him. His whereabouts have not been heard ever since.

Source: https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya/status/1409543178206711808?s=19

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