Meet A Beautiful Lady Who Fell In Love With Mjengo, Operates A Grader


Getting a job here in Kenya hasn't been that easy especially after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on economy and businesses.

Many people lost jobs and the unemployed have to Continue waiting for that time when lady luck will finally smile at them.

Joblessness has also been associated with Kenyans viewing some jobs and courses as being a preserve of a given gender.

However as the saying goes 'When the going gets tough it's the tough who gets going' , some ladies have decided to venture into areas that their grannies wouldn't wish them to venture.

Meet jane wanjiru who is a grader operator in one of the companies in Nairobi.

A grader operator work with a heavy piece of mobile equipment that creates a flat surface by slicing off the top soil with a large blade.

Graders usually provide a flat finish on the heavy earthmoving work performed by the scraper and bulldozer operators.

Jane wanjiru in action.

The 26 year old did the course in one of the local colleges and upon completion she starting looking for the job.

She told citizen tv that her passion for Mjengo didn't start yesterday adding that Working in the male dominated field gives her satisfaction.

On how she got her current job.

Jane applied normally and after a short while she was invited for Interview however, her boss had a lot of reservations and even before the interview, he asked her whether she would manage the task that is only done by men.

Her answer was just "let me do the interview" to which she was granted. After her astonishingly good perfomance, the would be boss hired her on probation for one month.

It's now past one month and Jane wanjiru is still doing great at ensuring that our roads are well maintained.


One great challenge she mentioned is the attention she receives from road users with some men even offering to marry her and make her a house wife instead of cheering her on.

Jane during the interview with the local Media outlet.

Jane jumping into the machine that has become her workplace and office.

Operating the machine isn't rocket science for jane

Lessons to girls and even boys from Jane's experience

1 Avoid cherry picking when it comes to jobs and courses. There are some Diploma and even certificate courses that are in high demand than some degrees.

2 get a skill before you venture into the job market. Nowadays HELB offers assistance to anybody that wants to acquire any skill. Grab the opportunity and you won't regret.

3 it's possible for girls to get jobs Without compromising on their integrity.

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