"I want a Kienyeji" Simple Boy Says as He Comments About Vishy's Dowry Demands

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Stevo Simple Boy, in an Interview with Ramogi TV has termed Vishy's (his ex-girlfriend) dowry demands as unrealistic. Vishy recently sparked mixed reactions after claiming that her dowry price is set at 2 million and that instead of cows Suitors should instead buy her a car.

"My dowry is Ksh 2 million na Mtu asijaribu kuniletea ngombe" Confident Vishy claimed in a recent interview

The declaration by Vicky has been a hot subject of discussion and today Stevo Simple boy couldn't end the interview before touching on the matter. The Freshi Barida hit maker has said that the amount is too much. He also said that he himself cannot afford the amount due to the current cost of living in he country.

Stevo Simple boy also said that Vishy's Rich taste is what led to their break up. The Kibra-bred rapper said that Vishy had a huge demand for good life something that Stevo Simple boy disagreed with.

Following their break-up simple has said that he is yet to find another soulmate and thay he is very ready to mingle should he come across the right woman. Stevo is looking for a simple and loyal lady.

"I want a Kienyeji, these ladies from Nairobi are troublesome" Simple boy said.


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