How To Be Financially Independent

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We have heard people complaining with proof that life is hard. On the same sphere, others seem to live like kings and queens. I will not mention anything to do with the rich or poor. I don’t even believe in it. Let me share a few facts about financial independence.

We struggle daily to make ends meet. We often discover that we need more money than the much we already have. A side from basic wants, we need to complement a few achievements in life. But the more we get money, the more we need it. The wealthiest man you know in your area is still the most hardworking in the neighborhood. 

Take A Break

This rat-race makes you feel stuck. Someone may work hard to improve his/her education just to get promoted in office. The promotion arrives with a ‘take-away’ on top; a better house, a nice car or a vacation abroad. The taxman is also around the corner to collect his share. What a mess! Well, just relax. It’s always fine when ‘it’s not fine’.

All you need to do is change your perspective towards life. You cannot have all the money you want on earth. It is difficult to own everything at once. No amount of money accumulated will make you happy. If you want to be happy just be! Life is like war. Subdivide it into missions and learn to focus. It is difficult to pay for a house while settling a car loan. Tackle one issue at a time.

Invest More

Surround yourself with more than one sources of income. Avoid having all eggs in the same basket. If you have any resource around you utilize it for good. Think of any soft domestic investment such as goat rearing, poultry business, vegetable farming etc. You can start small and focus on expansion later on.

Don’t brag just because you have a payslip. I have a friend who is permanently employed by the County Government, a driver to be precise. He rents a piece of land along Sabaki River, where he grows water melons and tomatoes. The produce he supplies to the market earns him not less than Ksh. 7,000 weekly. I will not elaborate more about the kienyeji chicken business at his home and the Tent-chair for hire he owns.

With numerous investments in place, you remain in safe zone financially. Handling financial emergencies will never be an issue to you. Learn to differentiate between wants and needs. Avoid stressing yourself with wants you don’t need. 

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