The Many Ways Dizziness Condition Can Be Treated

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Treatments for dizziness places emphasis on the foundational cause. In some situations, home remedies and medical treatments can manage the cause of dizziness. For instance:

● Inner ear issues may be controlled with medications and at home exercises that can help in controlling balance.

● BPV can be resolved with maneuvers that can help in reducing symptoms. Surgery is an option for patients whose BPV is not really managed.

● Meniere’s disease is treated with a healthful low salt diet, occasional injections or ear surgery.

● Migraines are treated with medications and changes in lifestyle, like learning to identify and avoid migraine triggers.

● Medication and anxiety reducing techniques can also help with anxiety disorders.

● Drinking plenty of liquidsds can help when dizziness is caused by excessive exercise, heat or dehydration.

What you can do about dizziness

You should follow these steps if you have regular episodes of dizziness:

● Sit or lie down immediately when you feel dizzy and rest until the dizziness goes away. This can prevent the possibility of losing your balance, which can result to falling and severe njury.

● Use a cane or walker for stability, if necessary.

● Always use handrails when walking up or down the stairs.

● Do activities that improve balance, like yoga and Tai Chi.

● Avoid moving or switching positions suddenly.

● Avoid driving a car or operating heavy machines if you frequently experience dizziness without warning.

● Avoid taking caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Making use of these substances can trigger dizziness or make it worse.

● Drink at least eight glass of water a day, get seven hours or more of sleep and avoid stressful situations.

● Eat a healthful diet that consists of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins to help prevent dizziness.

● If you suspect that your dizziness is being caused by a medication, talk to your doctor or medical consultant about lowering the dose or switching to another medication.

● Take an over the counter medication, such as meclizine (Antivert) or an antihistamine, if you experience nausea along with dizziness.

● Rest in a cool place and drink water if your dizziness is being caused by overheating or dehydration.

● Always talk to your doctor if you’re concerned about the frequency or severity of your dizziness.

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