7 female celebrities who are sex addicts. You will be sh0cked

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Here are seven well-known people who have a problem with sex.

Angelina Jolie,

Angelina Jolie DCMG is a well-known American actress, humanitarian, and producer. Oscar winner and three-time Golden Globe winner Sandra Bullock has been voted Hollywood's highest-paid actress countless times. She and her ex-husband Billy Bob were both drug and s.e.x. addicts.

Beyonce Knowles-Carter

Her stage name is Britney Jean Spears. For her role in the resurrection of teenage pop in the late 1990s and early 2000s, she has been nicknamed "Princess of Pop". The two of them indulged in several-hour-long climaxes.

In the third place, we have Lindsay Lohan

In addition to her acting and singing roles, Lindsay Dee Lohan is a businesswoman, producer, and former model. Lohan was signed to Ford Models at the age of three, where she was born and reared in New York City. She is a drug addict.

In fourth place, Paris Hilton.

"Paris Hilton" or "Paris Whitney Hilton" is an American socialite/businesswomen/socialite/model/singer/dj/actress. Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, who was born and raised in New York City and Beverly Hills, California. Known for her extravagant lifestyle and unrelenting sex drive, she is a household name. After all, she's a porn star.

Danielle Staub is the fifth member of the group.

Television personality Danielle Staub hails from the United States. As a cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for two seasons, and then as a friend for three more seasons, she rose to prominence in May 2009. She's completely hooked.

Amber Smith is a six-year-old girl.

In addition to acting, Amber Smith has previously worked as a model. She said that sex, drugs, and other dysfunctions were constantly at the ready.

Nicole Narain is number seven.

A Guyanese-American model and actress, Nicole Narain was born in the United States. She ended up at Dr. Drew's Sex Rehab show because she was addicted.

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