DP Receives Some Bad News After Details Emerge On What Uhuru Is Planning To Do

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DP Ruto who has created a strong support base in Mount Kenya, is now facing a fresh threat as he prepares to run for president in 2022.

According to maina kamanda, ahead of the 2022 general presidential election, the president is likely to begin campaigning against the United Democratic Alliance in his Mount Kenya backyard This is a significant step toward lowering William Ruto's current popularity in the region.

Many people are talking after it was revealed that Uhuru Kenyatta's main goal in visiting his backyard and guiding them in the way forward ahead of the 2022 general elections is to tell the people of the Mountains not to vote for the United Democratic Alliance party when the next general elections take place in August.

William Ruto has often demonstrated that he is the man in the Mountain, since he draws large crowds to his rallies and his popularity in the region is frequently regarded as high.

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