Baby Mama Blocked Me When I Asked Her Why She Did What She Did, See Her Reply. (Read WhatsApp Chats)

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Like many other men and women, whenever I look back on my past, particularly my teenage years, I see a slew of mistakes that I made as a result of social pressure and making decisions that I thought were good at the time, but which later came back to haunt me in the present.

What happened was that I had a female buddy in high school, and we were both madly in love with each other and spending far too much time with each other. Our relationship had reached the point where we were both certain that we couldn't live without each other, so we decided to design a toddler in grade 12, which she conceived nonetheless.

But three years after graduating from high school, I realized that life has a lot of good girls to offer me, so I watched someone and split up with my toddler mother just to make sure she didn't feel cheated on or anything. She didn't want to break up, but she had no choice but to accept it and move on because I didn't provide her with a desire.

When she moved on, she blocked me on social networking platforms, which isn't a big deal because it meant I couldn't see my son anymore. This is what happened when I tried to contact her with a certain quantity; read the chats below.

Looking over the chats, she stated unequivocally that she will not be seeing my boy because I chose to leave our relationship where I had unrestricted access to the baby anytime I wanted. I am absolutely certain that this is unconstitutional; but, I do not want to fight her in a criminal manner; instead, I like to settle this in a more simple and calm manner.

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