"We Also Want To Be Served", Ladies Who Sell Their Bodies For Money Appeal To The Government


Ladies who engage in the act as their source of income are appealing to the government to consider them when administering the Covid-19 vaccine. The workers in Busia County, have urged the Ministry of health to consider them as a priority through their chairperson Carolyn Kemunto.

In Wednesday 3rd of March, the workers were celebrating their day, so they went ahead to use this opportunity to urge the government to make it easy for them. They said that they are at a great risk of acquiring the virus because they come very close to their customers, they also added that in a single night one can have an access to almost ten customers, this makes it easy for the virus to spread.The Government announced that it is going to vaccinate doctors and teachers because they are widely exposed to the disease, the workers also term themselves venerable because they get in contact with people from all health backgrounds.

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