Use Snail Eggs And This Spiritual Water To Attract Money And Spiritual Protection


Most of the people in this country do not believe in spirituality but spirituality keeps the body in existence. Nothing on this earth happens with passing the world of the spirits if not, no prophet would have been able to tell you the future. You can choose to believe or not but is the truth.

In today's article, I shall be showing my readers the directions on how to use the eggs of a snail and particular spiritual water known as Florida water to attract money and spiritual protection with few and complex steps.

Readers are also to note that these directions will fail to work for the lazy because it involves waking up around midnight and not all people can wake up around that time unless determined.

After following these directions, these are the things with will possible come into your life aside from the money and the protection;

  1. Blind of evil eyes.
  2. Favour.
  3. Eradication of bad dreams.
  4. Job promotion.

The aforementioned are some bonus benefits a person may attract once he or she follows and these directions below;

  1. Get 25 eggs of a Snail.
  2. Crack them and pour them into any sizeable container.
  3. Stir the egg till completely and add seven crystalized sea salt into it.
  4. Pour half of the Florida water into the container and stir it once again.
  5. Pour the mixture from the container into another preferable container.
  6. Every morning on your way to work, pour some of the mixture and smear it in your palm and the back of your hand.
  7. Do this for a week and stop using it. You will see some changes in your finance.
  8. Around midnight, smear some of the mixture around your bed and all the four corners of your room.
  9. When you wake up in the morning, without talking to no one, do the same thing to your door and bed.

The eggs of a snail contain some unpredictable magical powers that can either bear fruit or false fruit. It depends on how you want your result. Snail eggs in the olden days were used by spiritual experts to help people with slow-moving business to boost their business in a few days.

I believe this was helpful and well understood. In case you did not understand anything in this article, please don't hesitate to ask me inside the comments section below. I would warm-heartedly reply you. Thank you.

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