Confusion as Magoha Differs With Cyrus Oguna's Statements on CBC Transition

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Competency-based curriculum uncertainty is stalking the implementation of junior secondary under the com-(CBC),causing worry among parents,teachers and other education stakeholders.

The primary bone of contention is how the ministry plans to ensure smooth transition from primary to junior secondary school, an activity that is only six months away.

In his latest statement, Prof magoha mentioned that transitions will be to both day and boarding schools which is in contrast with earlier statements made by chief government officials including Government Spokesman, Cyrus Oguna, who affirmed that the transition will be to day schools only.

Magoha clarified that his management has identified over 1500 primary schools which will assist in making the transition a success. Though not disclosed, Magoha states that the schools have adequate land for expansion and appropriate teaching facilities that will smoothen the youngsters' transition.

CBC will reduce University study time to three years while lengthening the High-school period to a record six years.

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