Surprising signs you might be dating a cheat

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Having suspicions about your partner, can really put you in an awkward position. The question “how?” lingers in your mind before anything else. It is certainly one of the hurtful feelings, one can ever experience. Your hopes and dreams would just crumble before your eyes and have no idea on what to do. 

In here, I have pinpointed some very few surprising signs you might be dating a cheater. 

1. They always play the blame game:

Someone has to take the blame instead of them to own up to it. They would say the other person came up to them and persuaded them. They would never want to accept that they are at fault. Especially when they are passing a glance at another person and say “he or she was staring at me first”.

2. They accuse you of cheating as well:

When they have nothing to justify themselves with, they tend to turn things around. They can go days without checking up on you but when you give them a taste of their own medicine, they would say another person is in the picture. Every least mistake the question of cheating comes into their mind. 

3. They are all of a sudden protective of their phones:

This is the biggest red flag of all. Yeah as a partner, you shouldn’t be found snooping around but that doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to any suspicious behavior; especially if it is new. Why be overprotective if you have nothing to hide? Some go to the extent of saying that they have a surprise for you. Have your eyes wide open and be alert. 

We do have partners who have been in the game for long and those who just aren’t pros. At the end of the day, there is no other way to justify a cheater. Before anything else you must study them to be sure of your confirmation.

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