Tanasha Donna Body Shamed By A Fan, After Posting A Photo of Her Wearing A Bikini


Fans body shaming celebrities via social media platforms has become the trend now days, I always wonder why body shame someone yet all of us were created in the image and likeness of God. What I can tell you is that body shaming someone won't add food on your table and you will always remain to be below that person forever, please let people live their own lives, social media is for fun, let every body enjoy it.

Yesterday on 17th march Tanasha uploaded a photo of her having some good time in coast and enjoying the coolness of the Indian ocean in Mombasa. She was wearing her swimming costumes which includes a bikini. As usually most people showed love and a few showed hate. But there is this fun who went to an extend of body shaming her and saying that her shape doesn't deserve to be posted on social media. Below is the screenshot of the comment made by that fan.

Tanasha is beautiful and dope, everyone knows that she is charming and good looking, i don't know what the lady who commented such shit was thinking about, and the worst of it is a lady trying to bring another lady down. Ladies what is really your problem. Please lets show love to each other. If you don't feel to comment keep it to yourself, it is not must you comment.

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