Resurfacing photos of a Lion and Zebra drinking water together causes reactions online.

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The universe has a circle or pattern in which things are being done, this pattern or way is being repeated whether daily or seasonally so there are certain things that can't be done or seen together. Some animals are natural enemies, hence they can hardly be pictured or seen together.

Such is the extraordinary moment when a Lion and a Zebra were seen drinking water together at a river, luckily this moment was captured on camera. See photo below.

The photo has caused a lot of mixed reactions among Nigerians on social media, some argued that the Lion has just eaten and the Zebra knows this while others compared the scenery with the incidents occurring in the country. See some of the reactions below:

Do you think the Lion is sometimes friendly or the Zebra is playing with death, what type of friendship or relationship is this?

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