Opinion: The Main Reason Safaricom Will Continue To Dominate The Telecommunications Sector


Safaricom is the leading telecommunications provider in Kenya. It has a market share of about 64% of Kenyan market as at 2020. Safaricom has a subscriber base of approximately 35 million.

Safaricom dominance in the telecommunication industry is unrivaled. The late Safaricom's Chief Executive defended this dominance. Bob did not like using the word monopoly . He said being the dominant player was not a problem.Bob Collymore was however concernered with how the dominance is used.True to his word ,Safaricom has touched many lives. We can therefore say it has used it dominance to uplift the lives of its customers.Kudos!

Safaricom has had many initiatives aimed at transforming lives of the less fortunate. Talk of Ndoto Zetu,M Pesa Foundation where bright children from poor families are awarded full school scholarship,the Safaricom Jazz which raises money to support the the needy families and many more.

Having said that,what gives Safaricom advantage over the other players?Your guess is as good as mine. It is definitely M Pesa.One may argue that we have airtel money and T Kash for Airtel and Telkom Kenya respectively.Yes ,but M Pesa is way ahead of these two money transfer services.Safaricom boasts of wide network coverage. This enables it to reach out to customers from all over the country.Their internet speed is also great compared to other players in the Industry.

M Pesa was game changer in the Kenyan economy.It has made transfer of money to all corners of this country possible. Safaricom has also partnered with different banks like KCB to provide KCB M Pesa ,NCBA for M Shwari ,Pay pal which has made it convinient to send and receive money from outside the country.

M Pesa also allows customera to buy goods and services,pay for bills and utilities.This has been encouraged to avoid the spread of Corona virus.Less handling of cash reducea the transmission of the virus.

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