Barcelona FC Player Wages in Kenya Shillings


Spanish giants Barcelona FC is one of the best paying football club across the world, as they are represented by a number of stars from various parts of the globe.

The heighest paid player is of course Lionel Messi , who earns a total of €1,360,731 per week. That is to mean, he earns more than 130million Kenya shillings because 1 Euro is equivalent to Ksh 132. The real figures are Ksh 179, 616,492 per week. Oh! What of a month?

In a month, the Argentine hero pockets, Ksh 718,465,968 million. Gosh! That is close to a billion in a month, in a year the GOAT pockets around 8.6 billion Kenyan shillings. Waah!

The second highest earner at Barcelona is none other than Antoine Griezman, who pockets €881423 per week. That is Ksh 116, 347, 836 per week, Ksh 465,391,344 per month. By the end his contract expires, he will have made lumpsome loads of cash.

The least earner at Barcelona is Jean-Clair Todibo a centre back who come s from the academy, pocketing around € 11,481 per week. That is to mean he earns a total of Ksh 1,515, 492 each week. In a month Todibo makes a whooping Ksh 6,061,968.