Between Vera Sidika and Bridgit Achieng, whose skin turn was perfect?

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These two kenyan based socialites, are famously known from their action of bleaching there skin.

1.Bridgit Achieng

Bridgit achieng is one of the most famous kenyan socialite, she is also an actress and a content creator. Bridgit is a baby mama to the Kenyan best actor Nick Mutuma. About five years back Bridgit surprised many Kenyans when she decided to bleach her skin to look like the whites . She didnot shy saying of what made her bleach. Speaking on one of the interviews , Bridgit said that she was forced to bleach , because of been shamed always in public, and her dark skin had made her be denied job in one of the biggest companies in Kenya.Below are the images of Bridgit before and after Skin turn.

2.Vera Sidika

She is also among the top socialites in the country, musician and also a business woman.Vera is the ceo of Vera cosmetics and among many other clothlines.She is among the celebrity victims of skin turning. Apart from bleaching Vera went ahead and also did a surgery to increase her booty and boobs. She has never said the exact reason that made her bleach.Hence many people consider it as it was her wish and her main goal to do that. Below are the images of vera before and after bleaching.

Between the two socialites, whose skin turn was very perfect?.

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