Checkout Three Movies You Can Watch With Your Family This Weekend

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The movie industry is one the richest in the entertainment industry because it has different men and women who take it as a job to play different roles to create amazing movies?

Movies are very entertaining yet educative, they tend to take away boredom and teach some lessons that we don't get taught normally, they sometimes motivate people or help them believe love exists if they had doubts about love before.

Suspense is the key ingredient to good movies since so many people will love to watch a movie from the beginning to the end if they don't know what will happen in the next scene, so in this article, I have carefully selected three movies you can watch with your family this weekend, so read till the end and kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

1. I am Mother

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This is a science fiction movie, where humans went extinct but before they went extinct, they created a robot that was designed to repopulate the earth, but the robot took decisions by itself and created just one human, who she called her daughter.

Things started to look different when the daughter found out the robot wasn't who she thought it is, it's better to watch this movie without skipping any part of it, it is very interesting and has a very emotional ending.

2. Freaks

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The movie "Freaks" is about a man who had a daughter he wanted to protect from the world, so he locked her up from when she was born till she became seven years old, he told her the people outside are after her life.

Things started looking different when the daughter left the house out of curiosity, I will advise you to pay close attention when watching this movie, it is full of suspense and has a good storyline.

3. Synchronic

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This is also a science fiction movie, where a scientist created a drug that gives people the ability to go back in time, it is better to watch this movie without skipping any part, it has so much suspense that will keep you glued to your seat while watching, and it also has a very emotional ending.

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