Check out the relative importance of bathing hot water as compared to cold water.

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So many people have wrong perception about bathing hot water. They say bathing hot water is very irritating to the skin as it can make one look older than he or she is. That information may be a true but bathing hot water all the time is wrong since too much of everything is bad. In contrast, cold weather keeps one's body cool and fresh during hot weather. That is why people usually visit the beach and pool side and swim in cold water.

Below are some of the importance of bathing hot water seldomly.

Helps you to sleep more soundly.

If you experience sleep disturbance or an inability to sleep, you can try showering during night before bedtime to see where it gets you.

Best for removing germs.

Hot water is best for removing trapped germs as it opens the pores of the skin making it easier for germs to be washed away.

Facilitates circulation.

Cold water when used for bathing constricts the veins in order to maintain normal body temperature. Try and see under your foot when you bath cold water. The constriction makes under the foot look white in colour while hot water allows the foot to look normal.

Preferable when sick.

It is suitable to bath with hot water when you are under the weather especially when you are suffering from malaria and fever in order to control your body temperature.

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