Places You can Kiss a Girl to Drive Her Crazy(Not Her Lips).


There is a belief in love that when you kiss a girl you only kiss lips , no see here are the other places you can kiss her besides kissing her lips.  

1.Back of the legs_ The back of the knee is incredibly sensitive and sexy. Work your way from the feet to the ankle to the calf to the back of the knee.

2. Hips _the hips are also very close to the other area :kissing this area is going to get her thinking you're going to go a little extra.

3.Neck_ smooch, nibble and lick. 

4. Collarbone_this area is so sexy for one to kiss.

5.Ears_ it's the next level in terms of nerve endings.its a direct highway to the action zone.

6.Lower back_ nerves for the front action originate in the lower back region,so as you can imagine,this area is incredibly should take your time and be gentle.

7.Hands_ palm, fingers,under the wrist. Work your way up her arm.

8. Forehead_ little kisses on the forehead are sweet. It's tender and sexy.

Above are the best places you can kiss a girl besides lips. For more updates share, like and comment. Thanks for reading my article.