Don't Send an Offering to Your Pastor if Your Parents are Hungry - Pastor Opens Up


The Bible says, "Honour your father and your mother so that your days may be long in the Earth". That is the first commandment with a promise. Aside that passage, there are lots of other passages in the Bible that talk about honouring one's parents, which makes the matter a very vital one.

Right from the beginning, God gave parents the power to bless and to curse. There is no powerful blessing or curse than that of a parent. In the time of the Jews, it was common practice for a father to bless the son with which he is pleased. Similarly, a child that displeased his father couldn't escape the snare of his curse.

When Reuben disrespected his father Jacob and was cursed by him, not even Moses could remove the curse that had been passed down unto his descendants. That means if your father blesses you, it shall be well with you, but if he curses you, no man of God can revoke that curse.

Many in our generation have lost sight of that truth and so treat their parents anyhow, thereby bringing upon themselves indelible curses. Some people nowadays revere their pastors, but don't give their parents the respect due them. They pay tithes to men of God, whiles their parents linger in financial difficulty.

In a video sighted on the internet, Rev. Daniel Donkor, pastor of the Royal Believers Ministry revealed that it is totolly wrong for one to send an offering to the church whereas their parents are hungry. According to the man of God, if one were to choose beteween honouring their parents or their pastor, the right option to take is to honour their parents. He explained that he was not by that trying to say one must not honour their pastor, but their parents must come first.

He continued by saying that many people are not receiving God's blessings despite paying their tithes and being active in church activities, because they have neglected their parents. "If you can't do for your parents what you do for your pastor, you are a fool", he disclosed.

He added that, one's parents' blessings are greater than that of any man of God's. It is therefore imperative for one to be sure not to provoke their parents, and to seek their blessing in everything they do. It is also very vital to act in a manner that will always please your parents, since that is a sure way to go very far in life.

It is not for nothing that the father is the one that gives his blessing to the marriage of his daughter. The moment the father gives his blessing, it is registered in Heaven. Honour meant for one's parents must never be given to another person.

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