Parents And Students Suffer A Blow As This Educational News Is Released


The ministry of education is busy running it's activities as normal despite the covid 19 surge in Kenya. Currently, all learners are undertaking the third term holiday for the year 2020. As from 26/07/2021, learners are likely to start the first term for the year 2021.

Following Educational news that has been reported through the Daily Nation, their is likely to be Rip off as schools sneak in extra fees. It is said that headteachers have defied the ministry of education guidelines and are using all tricks in the bag to draw all money parents who are already burdened by the crash learning timetable.

This is sad news to parents and students in schools. They are likely to suffer a blow since they will be forced to pay a large amount of money within a very short period of time. Remember, the ministry of education released a very congested calendar that is set to ensure that the lost time during Covid 19 break is covered. Principals are therefore requested not to use other means to get money from parents but collect the required fees.


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