"Don't Expand Executive, Create PM Position," Twist in BBI Appeal as Prof Kiyiapi Offers This Remedy


Former presidential candidate in the 2013 , general polls Prof Ole Kiyiapi has sent a special message to president Uhuru amid BBI appeal listening today. Prof Ole Kiyiapi has warned about the 2020 amendment bill that it seeks to extend the executive.

He says that the Problem is not about extending the executive powers but instead the legislature should legislate on how prime minister Position will be installed as provided by the law.

"If Kenya, and it is a big IF, as a society feels a need to expand the executive - let us NOT do politically expedient stuff, let us create a PM position protected by the Constitution not one at whims of the President. Our neighbour, Tindu Lissu cautions us to show leadership!", Prof Ole Kiyiapi said.

Ole Kiyiapi reminds Kenyans about the warning given by Tanzania opposition leader Tundu Lissu that we should be careful about the BBI.

If we create Positions at the whims of the president, then executive will sideline the other two arms as Prof Ole Kiyiapi warns.

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