The Untold Emotional Story of Diana Marua's Younger Sister Michelle


Diana Marua and her younger sisters are sibling goals. The way they support one another and prove their love to one another is just out of this world. Diana being the firstborn and the eldest of them all set such a good example to be emulated by them.

Through Diana's YouTube channel, these two gave us a glimpse of how their childhood was. For many times Diana confessed that she always lived in fear of his dad because he was quite tough. She has on the other hand been praising her mum in absentia through her instagram page.

Her younger sister also shared with us her childhood journey. Their parents parted ways when Michelle was five months old and their dad was left to take care of them at such a tender age. Michelle confessed lacking motherly love since her childhood, something that made her hate her mother with passion. She felt that their mother let them pass through a lot.

She confessed that she had her first phone in class seven.She could type 'I hate you ' message to her mother but she was not courageous enough to send it. While breaking into tears, Michelle confessed that they could borrow money from a land-line with her sister Val hoping that their mother could repay it back but to no avail.

Also growing up under the care of a tough dad, Michelle confessed that they could ran and hide on the streets under electric poles with her sister Val and spend the entire night away from home.

They stated that they would work by all means to ensure that their young children will never pass through whatever they underwent.