Newly Recruited Teachers Appeal To GES For Full Payment Of January Salary


Newly Recruited Teachers Appeal To GES For Full January Salary Payment

Newly recruited teachers who were given appointment letters dated 30th November 2020, completed their biometric data last month, and were expecting their salaries to be paid in full.

However, they have been slapped with an unexpected disappointment, after the validation window for the month of April was open on 19th of April this year.

After passing through the validation process, most of these newly recruited teachers have come to the realization, payment of salary for the month of January was paid less than half of the month.

Meanwhile, their assumption of duty letter was dated 4th January 2021.

According to our checks, there was indication on the appointment letters of these newly posted teachers that “you paid your salary from the effect of the day of your assumption of duty” based on this, a high number of these newly recruited teachers reported to their area of duties, as early as 4th January 2021.

As a result of the far place of their place of residence, some of them could not return, but rather stayed and waited patiently for the President's 'green light' of resumption date of the basic schools, which was 18th January 2021.

Since school were expected to resume on the said date, these newly recruited teachers were compelled by GES to change their assumption of duty date to 18th January 2021.

One thing GES failed to notice is that, a number of these newly posted teachers, after reporting to their station on 4th January 2021, did not go back home because they had the willingness to serve their nation.

The newly posted teachers want the Ghana Education Service, and controller and accountant general department, to provide them with some explanations, on why there have been deductions on their salary payment for January, while teachers who are already in the field and did not work from 1st to 17th January 2021, have their salaries paid in full.

The newly recruited teachers see the half January salary payment as an unfair treatment and are calling on the government, GES and the controller and accountant general department to reconsider their decision of half salary payment for the month of January.

They are appealing to these government bodies to pardon them and make full salary payment as they did to teachers who are already in the teaching field.