Former Our Perfect Wedding Presenter Kayise Ngqula Caused Commotion In Her Good Looking pictures

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Former our perfect wedding presenter caused commotion in her good looking pictures.


It's funny how a persons life turns around I just a blink of an eye.

If you are someone who is in Joy peace and happiness,one day you can wake up to sorrow pain and tears.

If you are also someone who is living in pain and sorrow ,tomorrow can change for you in just a blink of an eye and you find that tables have turned and you are swimming in happiness and peace.


This article is based on our beautiful lady kayise nqula who is a former presenter of the love birds our perfect wedding on Msanzi magic.

This lady is very beautiful and strong ,behind that beautiful smile of her there has been tears of pain.

She was once involved in a car accident with her husband just not long they got married and she was pregnant.

Her husband died on the spot and she suffered injuries, she has been through the most in her life where she did not even understand where this pain is coming from and started questioning God.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and she loves him so much.

Kayise has a painful story to tell however we thank God because that pain she experienced it was working all together for her Good.

She had to learn something from her experience and grew from that ,she is the woman she is today because of her situation.

Kayise is very beautiful and now she is a successful business woman who strives for nothing but the best for herself and her Son.

Check out her beautiful pictures below.

Writers Opinion

I think kayise is a true reflection of happiness peace and joy.

It doesnt matter what pain or trauma you went through in your life ,however you always get up and rise.

There is no permanent situation in this life,every pain ,one day will turn into Joy.

Dont give up on life.

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