Best Friend Of Leticia Finally Speak To Ghanaians. Check Details.


Dear reader, in this article am going to briefly tell you what the best friend of Leticia told Ghanaians during interview.

When UTV presenter interviewed the best friend of Leticia, she told Ghanaians that, in the morning they want to class to learn with Leticia and when they finish learning, they went back to their dormitory to bath. According to the friend, she said, she saw Leticia going to hear room when she was washing her school uniform, when Leticia comes out from the room she was dressed up for church service so she go back to campus. When Leticia’s friend finished watching, she took her bath and dress up and go back to campus, when she was going to campus, she met Leticia and she asked Her where she is going and Leticia said she is well come back to church soon. But according to the friend Leticia go back to campus for church service.

After the church service, when the students was going for dining, Leticia’s best friend realized that she isn’t part of them. But when the students was about to enter the dining hall, one student called Keziah screaming, then they saw that Leticia was hanged somewhere at the school dining hall. 

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