Forget About Kibera Estate And Meet The Some of Dirtiest Estate In Nairobi (Photos)

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Many Kenyans think that Kibera is the dirtiest estate in Nairobi. They think so just because they haven't took a tour to Kariobangi North. Kariobangi North is ranked the dirtiest estate in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

There are many factors leading to intense environmental pollution in Kariobangi North. Some of such factors include the following.

1. Improper disposal of garbage. Majority of Kariobangi North residents lack adequate latrines and dust pits where they can dump their waste products. The sewerage system is very poor and when it rains the sewage just floods into the doorsteps. Used polythenes and other plastic materials are just thrown anywhere. This has led to tremendous outbreak of dangerous bacterial and viral diseases like salmonella, vibrio and pertussis.

2. Overpopulation of humans. There are many people in Kariobangi North than it's carrying capacity. This puts pressure on the existing resources such as water, latrines etc. Overpopulation have caused scarcity of water in Kariobangi North. Decrease in supply of water has been a major genesis of dirtiness of Kariobangi North.

3. Oil spills from automobile repair shops. The oil spills directly drains into water sources when it rains.

I'm urging my fellow Kenyans to conserve, protect and maintain the environment for sustainable development and existence. Let's fight environmental degradation to help curb outbreak of killer diseases in our country. A safe environment is vital for social, economic and cultural progress of the current generation and generations to come.

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