No broke man can date me, it is a sin if you are broke and in love with me - Onyi Alex

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Popular Nollywood actress, Onyi Alex took to her Instagram page this morning, saying that it is a sin for a broke man to profess love to her. She said she works hard for her money and equally deserves a man who is rich.

Alex wrote, “ I hustle because I don’t wanna be broke so I don’t think any broke man has the right to walk up to me and start declaring undying love for me, It’s a sin for a broke man to say he is in love with me. Like how? The goal is two hustlers, Not a hustler and a leach biko".

Alex revealed it's no sin if you are crushing or tripping from a distance, but telling her you are in love with her while being broke is a sin against her. She said the goal is for a hard-working lady like her to get a man who hustles hard too and not some broke guy who has nothing.

What do you think about what she said?

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