Governor Waiguru shares a light moment with residents in a common hotel in Mwea having a cup of tea

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The Governor from Kirinyanga County today had breakfast with local residents in Mwea in common and small hotel. She was seen serving the residents with tea and snacks in the hotel.

The residents were so happy and also the owner of the hotel really enjoyed when the governor went to the hotel and helped them to raise their standards.

The Governor was accompanied by her loyal servants in the office of governor.

This has brought mixed reactions online as alot of people told her that she has fully accepted the hustler nation and should embrace it as we move on. Other people told her that she has fully entered UDA.

The Governor last week hinted that she will run for her second term using the United Democratic alliance party which the residents told her to use. She agreed to use the party of the people of Kirinyanga will elect her again.

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