Khaligraph Jones Wins The Bomba Boxing Alongside Eric Omondi

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It has been a long period of time since the two Celebrities began their media trolls and hatred. Eric planned for a boxing day with The Og.Yesterday was the day to end the grudge and truly the winner is all to us .

The match began with Eric being fast and energized. Khaligraph seemed to be dull but only to find he was hiding his teachers. A few moments he hit Eric Omondi sending him down grieving in pain as his face swelled and blood hoosed out and of course The Og won the first round.

Eric didn't loose hope but still stood up feet high to fight and defend his Fame. The secind round didn't go long this is after Eric was hit the dame place and tbis now brought his coaches to the ring to defend him. He was down and Khaligraph ones again wondering the second round out of the twelve planned rounds

Now things went wrong and worse in the third round .Eric was lose an od with no strength The Og filed Eric in a corner and he did what it was up to him. Eric was no more his weight. He couldn't withstand the strong blows from Khaligraph Jones .The referee ended the match at the third round and OG was announced the winner .Eric couldn't do it to the twelve round.

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