4 Worse Acts Than Masturbation

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The Society has a normal way of judging what they see to be rare, today in Ghana, once someone begins to eat gari, you're seen as poor and helpless, what's the reasons behind that, the reason is that they work with opinions of others no independent thoughts or ideas, this makes me believe thinking is difficult.

Lots of Ghanaians have no independent minds, they work with the opinions and ways of people they deem to be influential or celebrities. An example of such indecision is the crave for telenovelas on TV stations, if you ask some people why they watch such programs or love it, they can't tell, they just like it because it is followed and watched by many.

Having an independent mind is important and has a lot to do in shaping our ways.

There are several people who see Masturbation as a bad practice, even to the extent of quoting Bible verses against it, my question is, since when have such people boldly quoted verses against cheating in marriage, fornication, stealing in public offices, diverting public funds or dishonesty.

Some lecturers bully students because they have no money to pay for handouts, others because they are from a traditional or ethnic group they are not pleased with.

Firstly, Adultery, this practice has to do with sleeping with married people, once you share the flesh with a married person, its adultery and a very serious spiritual offense, in some traditional settings, you may even die a mysterious death either through accidents, a bite from a reptile mysteriously or through a dream crash.

Secondly, Fornication, once you sleep with a man or a woman you are not married to, its a sin and a crime, in some instances some of these people can be accused of rape and jailed for so many years, why end in such a miserable manner?(R.kelly in mind) Fornicating may be interesting and pleasing to the mind and your ego but certainly you cant say its a holy act worthy of praise, in the islamic setting, you should be issued 100 stokes of cane if caught fornicating, that not withstanding you waste resources.

Thirdly, Diverting public funds or stealing, once you divert funds or resources meant for the public for personal keeps, it becomes a crime and a sin, some people have had their dream and vision denied because such practices and keep cursing those engineering that, people involved in that are likely to face three things in life, die miserably out of road accidents, Stroke or see their children struggling to succeed in life due to curses.

Lastly, Betraying friends, backbiting and favoritism, these and many more have become a norm amongst us, imaging a friend betraying you in the office or workplace for favors or a lecturer frustrating you due to lack of money or tribal factors, these and many more are evil practices that are worse and corrupting society.

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