Jurgen Klopp Knows That Man United Would Be A Tough Team To Play On Sunday

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Manchester united champions league match against Atalanta on Wednesday has made many Man United fans wonder if their team would be able to stand the fire power of Liverpool on Sunday.

Man United legendary player Scholes had some worries of his own when he said that The Red Devil's would be “absolutely destroyed” by a top European team and was especially worried about the much anticipated Man United Sunday’s clash with Liverpool.

Scholes basically said that if Manchester United played against Liverpool the same way they played Atalanta then they will see what will happen. He even went further to say that "Imagine Jurgen Klopp watching that at home, he’ll be rubbing his hands together"

Jurgen Klopp however disagreed with Scholes’ statements and even went ahead to highlight Man United total dominance in the second half and their amazing comeback.

Jurgen Klopp made the following statements to counter scholes suggestion. “I watched the game but not for one second was I rubbing my hands together, there was no reason for it,”

Atalanta may have some fault as to why man united made a comeback in the game but United still had 4 clear chances. With the way that Man United played against Atalanta it shows that they can cause problem for any team in the world including Liverpool.

Man United went for it with their full power in the second half and with the kind of quality players that they have it would be bad if Klopp underestimate them. 

Jurgen Klopp will surely be preparing his team for a tough game against a really good opponent that has the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez.

United versus Liverpool would be a massive game and Man United would be at an advantage because it is an home game for them and an away game for Liverpool. 

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