"Tusumbue Pole Pole," Maria's Latest Photo that Has Got Everyone Talking

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Maria which airs on Citizen TV every weekday between 7:30 p- 8p.m is the Kenyan show that has been received well since its debut. It brings the life in both ghetto and rich suburb's. The show revolves around themes such as;love, jealousy, hatred ,families and wealth.

One of the lead actor is Yasmin Said who brings out the character of a ghetto girl who is struggling to make the end meets and unravel the truth about his family tree. She is mostly seen wearing torn clothes and with no make up on.

Outside the screens Maria is someone else. The 20 year old has a great sense of fashion and when she put's her makeup then it's not easy to recognize her.

The first time on the show she stepped out all dolled up during her engagement with Luwi which took her followers by surprise. After that she got back to her old life but still share with us on Instagram her beautiful photos.

Some days ago she posted a picture which left people asking for her make up artist. Today she decided to not only share her face but the rest of her body.

Her fans complemented of how she was looking good and beautiful,"your beautiful," one Dorea Chege commented.

Apart from acting Maria has been receiving endorsements and she is currently the indomie brand ambassador.

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