Do You Know Elephantiasis Can Be Prevented By The Following Ways?


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Elephantiasis is neglected tropical disease and a parasitic infection that can alter the lymphatic system and an abnormal enlargement of the body especially at the lower limbs. Its mode of transmission is orchestrated by different types of mosquitoes like the Culex quinquefasciatus, anopheles gambiae and aedes mosquitoes.

But how can this Elephantiasis disease be prevented?

1. By applying long lasting insecticide sprays to our dwelling places

2. Draining all stagnant waters and swamps

3.Keeping houses clean, dry and lightened

4. Pouring oil on water surfaces to prevent the mosquito larvae from breathing

5. The use of treated insecticide nets

6. Screening blood thoroughly before transfusion

7. Ensure early detection and effective treatment hence

8. Finally, embarking on health education about the disease, it mode of transmission and preventive measures.

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