Let going into the Presence of God in the Heart of Total Repentance be your Priority.


People of God. The life of God and our lives, are Awesome. For in all the creations of our Lord God, He does not Love and choose any to represent Him but us.

But we are rather the one who betrayed Him bitterly. Yet He still doesn't hate us so much as it could be. Now therefore, He gives us the opportunity to make our relationship with Him work seriously again by repenting from our sins and run back home to Him and Serve Him in the glory of His love for us.

And how we aught to go to Him is to first regret the sins we have fall in to, and stop doing it. Then we run to Him just as the Prodigal Son did.

And as we're seeing it in the Bible according to Ezra Chapter 10 verse 1. You must humble yourself in His Precious Presence and even weep if you are busy with your Repentance and you'll never sin. Then God's eyes who have behold your sins and He becomes angry with you, will have mercy on you and accept your wishes and prayers for you're His Best friend and family. Never think that God hates you forever and will never make peace with you. All you have to do is to By humbling yourself and go and plead Him. How can you fail in the Presence of God in the Heart of Total Repentance

Bless You.

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