What you need to know about 3MusicTV and what caused their feud with Kumericans on social media

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Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, a creative entrepreneur, founded 3Media Networks in 2017. In August 2021, they began live transmission. 3music TV consists of several sections, including a broadcasting arm that revolves around 3Music TV, an event and youth experiencing unit that hosts the annual 3Music Awards, a creative animation and visual production unit, and a digital content distributes arm that serves the music industry.This newly created multimedia is a showcase for Ghana's emerging young stars' ingenuity. They appear to have stomped on the Kumericans' toes, and are now facing a massive controversy. The Kumericans are requesting that everyone who supports their cause delete the station.

This outcry erupted after Kumericans were offended by a derogatory statement written by a station board member.

Below is the picture of the Post From Facebook

Rap is experiencing a renaissance in Ghana, thanks to the drill movement. The Kumerica subculture, which originated in Kumasi's underprivileged neighborhoods, was revealed to the entire country through this subgenre. The movement is shaking up social media and creating a new identity-seeking young with its secret language and lifestyle. Kumericans irritated and inferal as a result of this message, and they want to be respected. All because some of them may have low quality videos but is not their fault for upcoming artist. Sometimes is good to motivate and appreciate those you cannot help 3music could have done better

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