Uhuru's Look Alike Popularly Known As Uhunye Wa Umo Struggles With Alcoholism


Months ago at Umoja estate we met a father of three Michael Gitonga Aka Uhunye wa Umo having a strong resemblance to the president people believe he is a close relative to him.

In a cell at Buruburu this is where he meets his friend Matheri whom allured him into joining him to his gym, later a picture of him which was taken at the small studio which led to his popularity. Having lost his job due to the Covid-19 pandemic he has been living in poverty, despite this he is a very generous soul.

 After his popularity Kenyans from different parts offered him help, where he was gifted with a car and a four bedroom home at Kilimani. The fame seems to have been a “short lasted” one as he has been evicted from his home.

 According to Matheri due to his alcoholism the rewarded car is now in bad shape due to his thoughtlessness. Michael has decided to get help thereby joining the Serenity Rehabilitation Center.

Accompanying him was his wife Angelica and his friend Matheri. A rehabilitation fee of 200,000 was charged but luckily the center offered to cater for his program. A request to well-wishers has been placed to help his wife basing on concerns that she has bills to cater for.

All we wish him is a quick recovery

Seeing that many people are losing themselves in alcoholism should we put blame on the Covid-19 pandemic or our society?

As people like Uhunye wa umo and Githeri man fall deep into this ditch of alcoholism after their popularity what do you think should be done to help?

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