Accusations of 'Secrecy' In IEBC Emerges, 2 Key Informations Remain Undisclosed, Pressure Piles

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Raila Odinga and William Ruto's camps are scaling up their efforts to take over from the Jubilee party administration in the next few weeks.The teams are currently traversing the country to outsmart one another as far as vote hunting mission is concerned.Some kenyans are yet to decide on who to vote for among the four presidential candidates who have promised to reduce the cost of living.

At the moment,all eyes are on DP Ruto and Raila Odinga who are on a neck-to-neck rankings as per the ongoing opinion polls.However,some of the polls have been disputed by the aggrieved parties.

As plans go on,IEBC is on the spot for a planned vote rigging.This is as alleged by the Azimio brigade during their campaigns yesterday.However,pressure continue to pile on IEBC.The commission is now accused of secrecy in its plans.

Political players and pressure groups demand two key vital informations that the commission has refused to release.The two are publication of the audit report of the register of voters and also the names of the nominated members in all elective seats.Do you think IEBC is sufficiently prepared for election or are the parties demanding too much?

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