Sabbath Day Is The True Holiday

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We have seven days in a week starting with Sunday as the first day to Saturday as the seventh day, but Saturday was the only day which was blessed and sanctified by the Almighty God, and that is according to the Bible.


Now the question will rise but why did God bless and sanctify Saturday to be a Holiday, and with what authority and power is God acting upon? Does he even has the authority to bless and sanctify Saturday to be a Holiday?


According to the Bible God said, He made the heaven and the earth, the sea, and all that in them with his own hand, and he then rested on the seventh day: wherefore he blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it; so if God is the being who created everything it is not wrong when he decides to bless whichever day of his choosing.


We then have school holidays and this I do not understand who blessed and hallowed these days to be classified as holidays? According to the Bible any person who attempts to be equal to the Almighty God, that person is regarded as a blasphemous person.


Jesus Christ once said, him and God are one, and everyone will see him coming in a cloud which it was interpreted as being equal to God, and he was then crucified for his utterance, so the question stands who blessed and sanctified the school holidays, and on what authority was he acting upon?


God is the only being who has the power and authority to bless and sanctify whatever day he deem fit, and I know people believe in different things and it’s alright, but this message it is specifically packaged for those who believe in Lord Jesus Christ.


Any day that is called a holiday my question is not complicated, but simple, who blessed and sanctified that day? Is it God who blessed and sanctified it or is it man? If it is a man who blessed and sanctified it, on what authority was he acting upon, because according to the Bible only God has the authority and power to bless and sanctify because he created the heaven and the earth, the sea and everything in them.


For all those who believe in Lord Jesus Christ stop being rebellious, and obey the word of God. The Sabbath Day it is the only true Holy Day, and it blessed by God himself.


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Lord Jesus Christ is God


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