Sh0cking: See What A Pastor Was Doing With His Members As Deliverance.

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Look at what a pastor was doing with his congregation in order to deliver them.

See this as a pastor gives Church members passionate kisses during the deliverance service and then explains that these are holy kisses.

The moment that a pastor is seen delivering a woman in a church by kissing her was Shocking to many as it have not happened before, and it has been published online, for people to know what's going on in some churches...

Deliverance can be thought of as a set of acts and rituals designed to get rid off a person of their attachment to demonic and evil spirits.

This is done in order to resolve difficulties that have manifested in their life as a direct result of demonic presences that have the capacity to oppress the person. And pastors in today's society have taken it in a variety of different directions in terms of how to deliver people who are under the control of various spirits.

The vast majority of individuals refer to the pastor as a womanizer, a fake, someone nasty, and somebody who ought to be disciplined.

The Zimbabwean pastor was caught on camera exorcising a woman's body by kissing her for an extended period of time inside of the church, which he called; holy kiss.

The sermon that was given in the church in Zimbabwe was reportedly about the subject of the soul, and it was delivered by the pastor. After that, he gave examples of several ways that the spirit can be purified. He performed the demonstration on a member of the church who was a female.

The pastor gave an example of how to purify the spirit by kissing her. A significant amount of time was spent locking lips in front of other people who were attending church. It was an awkward kiss, and you can see two women standing in front of the chapel clutching their heads in their hands after it.

The pastor stopped the woman from kissing him and asked her a question, to which she responded by pointing to her stomach. The pastor eventually went in for a second kiss, which lasted significantly longer than the first one did.


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