Michael Olunga has added a new car days after paying medical bills for Matasi


Harambee stars striker Michael Olunga is currently in the country after ending his season in Qatar on a high. The striker has been holidaying in the country for some weeks now.

He was able to host his yearly tournament at Babadog grounds where several teams participated. The player who has partnered with oddibets company to promote talents and also help the less privillaged inthe society has done everyone proud.

He was able to pay the medical bills for his harambee stars teammate Patrick Matasi. Matasi got an accident with his family while driving from Kakamega to Nairobi. The shot stopper appealed for help and Olunga did not hesitate.

However, something that has got his fans talking is his newest car. After paying the medical bills,less than one week later, the striker has bought a car worth millions of shillings. That tells you how much football can pay. We wish Michael Olunga success

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