Joe Biden Withdraws Trump's Proposed Rule Over Transgender, Check Out The New Rule He Implemented


The incumbent president of the United States of America, Joe Biden has officially announced the withdrawal of his predecessor's proposed rule over non-conforming people and transgenders, (the rule never went into effect). The President who took over from Donald Trump after winning the general election held last year has collaborated with his vice, Kamala Harris to ensure that they fulfill all the promises they made during the campaign.

Joe Biden is a lover of humanity regardless of their belief, he cares for the transgenders and vowed to restore all the human rights the former administration denied them. Few hours ago, a popular American news site @ALCU reported that Biden and his vice has withdrawn the rule that Trump proposed against transgenders on 1st July 2020. The rule which allows federal funded homeless shelters to turn away from them (transgenders), but never went into effect.

The rule simply means that all transgenders and non-conforming people that are homeless will no longer receive the federal funds to shelter themselves. But, Biden reversed it and implements that everyone will benefits from the fund because housing is a human right and shelter saves a life.

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