WATCH: Malema Says They Will Assist ANC Workers At Luthuli House Who Haven't Been Paid


Now, you know that your party has failed when it cannot even pay its workers their salaries on time. We know about the situation regarding the African National Congress (ANC) staffers who were not paid their salaries, there have been delays.

It has been an unfortunate situation, there have been claims that the governing party is having some financial difficulties and this a huge concern, not for those workers, but for South Africa as a whole.

Now, it seems like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has decided to step in. And this has proved one thing that we can never be ignorant to the attempts made by the EFF to make the lives of South Africans better, it does not matter if they are under the ANC or not, they are still South Africans.

The message is now clear enough, the EFF presser ended not so long ago, we got to hear a lot about what the party thinks about some of the problems that have been on the forefront.

The EFF leader Julius Malema mentioned that they will assist and support the workers at the Luthuli House who have not been paid their salaries.

There is a lot that is expected from people who have intentions of discrediting the EFF, they have been people who are quick downplay the suggestions made by the EFF, without any reasoning.

Even if that might be the case, what matters is that the workers at the Luthuli House will finally get the assistance and support that they deserve.

Those workers have families that they have to feed, they need an income, this might be seen as some strategy by the EFF to make the ANC look like it is unable to fulfill its duties.

Well, if the shoe fits, wear it, it is as simple as that, the EFF has to make sure that it looks out for the most vulnerable, it is unfortunate that it is not the ruling party, but even so, that does not mean that they cannot offer any assistance.

There have been complaints about political parties in the country and some people do not really know what to do.

If that is how things are, then they should look closer at the work that is being done by each of these political parties.

People have to understand why they vote for a certain party, before you cast your vote, you need to know if things will change for you and your family and how that change will come about.

There was a lot that was said in the EFF presser that every South African will have to think about.

What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to to watch the EFF pressing.



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