The Chinese Farmer Who Builds Robots That Can Move Him Around.

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Technology is advancing everyday. There is a man living in China, who familiar himself with how to develop robots, without going to school, or college. 

He name is 'Wu Yulu' he is living in a modest community where greater part of the residents are helpless agriculturists, and no one imparts in English language, aside from their neighborhood language. 

On the off chance that you notice Wu, he just takes after a typical comrade, and a helpless agriculturist, yet on the off chance that you go inside Wu's home, you will be astonished to see a ton of robots, which he built with regular articles. 

The robots can walk, and talk and do other things. They can really move him wherever he needs to go, and similarly help him to perform numerous significant things in his home. A portion of his robots were built to look interesting, yet he feels they are individuals from his family. 

Wu started figuring out how to develop robots 30 years prior, at his young age. His family was exceptionally poor, that was the reason he quit going to class. 

He was anxious to make robots, so he learned it himself without having any exercise, without utilizing the web, or understanding books. He at long last made various robots that can play out a few things. 

On a specific day, Wu was making a robot, his home burst into flames unintentionally, his home, and the types of gear were burned to the ground. He got destitute with his family, and they didn't have anyplace to live. 

He acquired cash from a many individuals to revamp his home, since his better half was taking steps to surrender him. 

Following 30 years, things completely turned around for him. His enthusiasm for building robots got productive. He joined a robot competition, where he got numerous honors. 

At last, he got popular on various TVs. He turned out to be notable among numerous organizations in China, and raked in boatloads of cash. 

Wu had the option to clear his obligation, and his home ended up being upbeat ever after. He has now deserted ranch works. 

A few organizations, and pop, presently call him to address understudies on how they can develop robots.

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