Time Flies: Now And Then Photos of these kids stars will amaze you


a saying goes ' time flies like hourse', Nowadays, the fast rate at which kids growp up is overwhelming. You will see kid today the next few years when you see him or her you may not be able to even recognize them due to the pace at which they have grown up. Many celebrities who were kids some years back in the country are no more kids anymore when you see their photos because of how fast they have grown up, the likes of Ibrahim Banda, Tutulapato, Spendilove, Maame Serwaa and Maame Yaa. You will testify to the fact that those kids we use to watch them on our television are no more kids, they have grown up, some have even put on weight to the extent that, you may mistake them as adult but they are still teens.

In this particular article, we are going to explore four celebrities or stars who were kids not long ago but they are nown grown up to the surprise of all and sundry. 

Spendy love

Kid star Spendy love Agyampong was one of the talented kid actress we often see her on most kumawood movies. Within a twinkle of an eye, kid actress or star Spendilove has grown up into a teen. you be amazed it you see spendilove's current photos. Nevertheless, She has grown into a beautiful and gorgeous lady. It is believed that, the actress in question is in senior High school. But it been while since we saw the talented actress on our screen. We are playing she will always look decent in her photos and not copy the inappropriate dressing styles of some celebrities in the country.


Tutulapato was another kid star who rose to stardom by virtue of her rapping prowess he exhibited during the TV3 talented kids season two. Tutulapato was just a kid when he appeared in the show and he won the hearts of many Ghanaians because of how a kid like his Calibre raps like that. He was even tipped to become like sarkodie in future. But because of school, he is no where to be found in the music industry. He was recently enrolled in one of the senior High schools in the country this year. Kid star tutulapato is no more a kid, he has grown up in to big boy now. Take a look at his current photo.

Maame Serwaa.

Maame Serwaa who happens to be one of the famous kumawood star began acting at a tender age. Those who used to watch kumawood movies gone are the days will be marveled at the fast rate at which kid actress actress Maame serwaa has grown up into. She is not a kid we use to know in her movies. She is a beautiful big girl now. See her photos below.

DJ Switch

DJ Switch who is also known as Erica was also a kid who rose to fame in the country by virtue of her unique style of Disk joykeying. Erica was very young when she entered the TV3 talented kids. Dj switch style was very fantastically fantastic in the talented kid show. Many Ghanaians loved her style of operating the machines to play music considering how young she was. Her multi talent has helped her to swoop many accolades, The kid DJ Switch we know is no more a kid. She has grown into a pretty big girl now. See her photos.

Time indeed flies? 

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