I Had A Milk Bathe: Mariah Carey Made Me Do It, But My Scaly Skin Loved It


If you know me, which you probably don't, you should know; my skin thirstier than the streets of Nairobi. I know this are not the best words to imagine your writer, but...I thought hey, you trust me enough to read this, so there you go the disclaimer: My skin was drier than the valley of bones, Note the tense.

Sanitizers Are Kryptonite For Dry Skin

I did not really know I had dry skin until regular use of alcohol sanitizers exposed my vulnerability. I was just another happy citizen living the dream until this pandemic came along, now I am subjected to constant use of hand sanitizers, and this has not been good news to my already dry skin. My arms could sometimes pass for graph papers.

Thank God For The Internet

Like any sane Kenyan on my spare time I love visiting social media (mainstream media got too gangster for me with all the corruption stories) and one day I saw it, the dumbest idea ever or so I thought. People bathing in milk, it was the most bizarre thing ever and I was about to rule it out when I saw it "Mariah Carey -the award wining singer- in an interview reveal she used milk baths as a beauty routine. And right there I knew I had to try it.

The Milky Way

So I researched on benefits of milk on the internet and discovered that it was a natural moisturiser but I would not take anyone's word for it. I had to experience this miracle first hand, worst case scenario was I would may be end up looking like Mariah Carey (not soo bad if you thought about it). I have been soaking myself in a milk and water mixture for 20 minutes daily and the difference is impeccable. I started with whole milk and along the way changed to powdered milk, which is much cheaper and has the same effect. For your own bathe you can choose to add essential oils, dried petals and/or Epsom salt for their exfoliation properties. Remember to rinse with water when done for a radiant skin and to avoid a sticky milky mess.

Benefits Of Bathing In Milk

Apart from being a natural moisturiser a milk bathe helps soothe skin irritation and inflammation which are common for people suffering from Eczema, but the healing does not stop there. A milk bathe is also good for your hair, it helps condition dry and damaged hair strands.

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