Keep yourself going - Self motivation.


When I was born, my parents always stayed close to me. They told me everything I deserved to know and taught everything I was supposed to know. Soon I could see some sense and they started giving me what I wanted. Yeah! I got much from them but you know what? They also had hopes of what I could be in the future that I can make them so proud. This was there goal in life, building up a responsible person. And I can say they really worked for it until I held my first degree. Your parents may want you to study hard and one day you become a doctor but that time you will be the popular singer the are going to say, "That is what he really deserved.

I am worth.

I just want to tell you that, you are the most worth person. You are everything that the world deserves. Know that what you do is so important and cannot be stopped. Know that your goals are beneficial to others and the future. If you feel unworthy just know you are denying your family the worth that it deserves and if they tell you that you are unworthy, just let yourself know that you are the treasure that has not yet been found and keep being yourself.

I can do it

Why do people give up? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well, it happens when things get too hard or when it they take too long. But it is always like this, people respond by give up when they fail in very few times. Remember that you will never think more than you and you will never think about evil for yourself. For so, every goal you set is possible, you can do it and you won't think bad to you so every goal set by you for you is perfect for you and possible for you. Let yourself know that you are going to make no matter what problems comes on the way. Before you start you goal just understand there be obstacles on the way and you cannot skip all of them and they will never end, but you know what? You can prepare for them, face them and finally beat them. By this, you will find yourself moving close to your goal.

I am unique

It is just earth, no other planet that is perfect like earth. It is just you, no other person that is exactly like you. Whatever you do just know that it is the best and no one can work like you. When you really understand that nobody can do like you, you feel confident to express your work. Your work sometimes opens up ways for you. Just be happy sharing your work to avoid things like doubt that sometimes grow low self-esteem in you.

This world is mine.

If life was our wish and the way it goes was still our wish, what do you think your life could be like? Let yourself know that you are worth the world and everything you living with is what you deserve at that time. Just know that the world goes round and that is how you life is. Just feel in you that you own the world and it is you to give it what it wants. Be the kindest of all and just win many things by your words, intelligence faith and character not your force and strength.

I am protected.

Once, you were not alone neither you are alone nor you will be alone. I this journey of moving to our goals it has never been me nor you just us or we. Know the fact that we will never make it alone and that is why sometimes things get hard. The another thing you should know is that, when things get hard just know someone is gonna work out some for you. And when they figure out somethings for you you should remember that you're the lead. Your parents are there to see you comfortably moving towards you goal and Jesus is there to see you getting onto your goals. Know that these people are around you and they will be their to motivate you and give you all the support you need. Sometimes they will push you to move when you give up. So just feel protect, when you are weak, they will fight you just keep the sword firmly in your hands and relax.

When yo get your goal set sometimes on they way there becomes too many obstacles or the way to that aim becomes long. With that many soul lose hope and give up. When it happens so, just remind yourself that you are worth, you can do it, you are unique, this world is yours and you are protected. By that, no one can overdo you and no enemy can defeat you. Believe in yourself and know your goal is of prime important to you, to your family, to your friends and the universe at large. Motivate yourself and build a strong soul.


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