DJ Black Coffee 's ex Enhle Mbali astonished fans looking like an angel in a gorgeous white dress

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Enhle Mbali basked in the sun looking angelic in a beautiful long white dress with her hair flowing beautifully , she made an impeccable picture perfect moment and decided to share with her many followers on her Instagram page.

Enhle looks absolutely stunning in this recent images , the white dress she rocked suits her perfectly and she made an undeniably sexy fashion statement in the beautiful red carpet dress.

Enhle is known for being extra creative with her social media photos and this particular post takes the cake for it breathtakingly gorgeous.

Enhle Mbali is one of the most talented and seasoned female thespians in the South African film and television landscape , she is a passionate actress who puts in the work to make sure she stands out when shooting a scene .

She is also a stylist and fashion designer with a breathingtakingly trailblazing elegance , her taste in fashion is immaculate and she is a fashionista who knows how to keep up appearances.

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