Lost in Limbo: Campaign Financing Tussle

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The government has introduced a new cap in the campaign spending act that has been approved pending the next year's general election. Kenya has seen a first introduction of such a litigation. This act seeks to limit the amount to be spent during campaigns first in next year's general election.

For the first time ever, a presidential candidate will be required by law to not spend over 4.4 billion shillings in a presidential campaign. This applies to every presidential aspirant, said the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Government contributions have been banned. Also, political parties have a budget limited to 17.7 billion shillings. Despite the huge allowance that this cap allows for either a presidential aspirant or a political party, the presidential aspirants do find themselves in a limbo.

Due to an existence of major ethnic lines in Kenya, there has been a surge in trying to determine how much money has been spent in past presidential campaigns. The IEBC is still trying to determine this course. Determining how much has been spent according to this criterion would better help the cap to prove more effective.

Presidential candidates led by the Deputy President William Ruto have taken to stage to try and defend the previous allowance.

Even so, MPs are still allowed to raise their quota to suit their financial needs for candidates. This creates a problem with the IEBC as they try to stabilize their stipulation. Suspect sources are also in the limelight as the IEBC tries to prevent illegal injection of funds that would harm the whole electoral process.

The IEBC hopes to achieve a poll budget of sh40 billion as it tries to regulate poll spending. This has left many candidates worried about their presidential aspirations while some worry of even attaining such a budget.

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